On Ethical Investing

Plato: 'ethics and wisdom.'
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"40 to 80 per cent of investors want to invest 'ethically'... dozens of academic and investment industry studies generally conclude that the long term results of ethical and conventional funds are similar."
--Investing Ethically? By Ron Robins, Alrroya, September 30, 2010 (English Version)

Mr. Robins is a pioneer in ethical investing, following it for approximately forty years.

On Alrroya.com, as an economics and finance columnist for this influential Arabic Middle Eastern business portal, he published many articles related to ethical investing. See below. (Special note: Alrroya.com has been superseded by Alroeya.com. With this change and structure, the articles below are no longer posted at that site. However, they remain in English on Mr. Robins' Investing for the Soul website or on his Enlightened Economics blog.)

Mr. Robins' globally popular and respected website, Investing for the Soul, publishes most of his ethical investing articles. The site is a leader in ethical investing news, commentary, resources, information and services since 2003. Aside from the above posted articles appearing on this site are many earlier and recent articles as well. These include:

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Also, a variety of business media publish ethical investing articles by Ron Robins. A sample of which are below.