April 30, 2023

His Writing

... is to promote higher ethics and values in economics, finance and investing.


Mr. Robins brings to his writing knowledge and skills that are unique and rewarding for his readers.

He introduces to economics the greatly overlooked role of ethics, intrinsic human values and consciousness. His writing incorporates over forty years of study in economics and ethical investing.

Mr. Robins has not only been prescient about today's seemingly intractable problems, but he is able to articulate possible solutions beyond them.

In 2006 he started writing about issues which he had foreseen years, even decades earlier, but which had little currency in those earlier times.

Those issues included: 

      Today's financial and economic tragedies--that
         he foresaw in the 1990s
      Ethical investing, which he began studying in
         the 1970s

      Beginning in 1999, understanding the forces
         about to propel precious metals' prices higher

Leading media who have interviewed and quoted Mr. Robins include: The Wall Street Journal; MarketWatch; Forbes; The Financial Post; The Globe & Mail; Healthy Directions Magazine; The Catholic Register; Heraldscotland; and Canadian Business Magazine. 

His television and radio appearances include: BNN; Rogers Television's Money Line; CBC Radio One's Metro Morning; 680 News Radio; and ENN Radio.

Among the publications and media he has written for are: alrroya.com (as a finance and economics columnist for this influential Middle Eastern business portal); the Canadian Treasurer; Benefits and Pensions Monitor; The Corporate Ethics Monitor; The Catholic Register; HR Professional; and the journal of Canada's Social Investment Organization, now the Responsible Investment Association of Canada.

Mr. Robins' highly regarded articles on gold and silver are simultaneously published on the world's foremost gold and silver sites such as gold-eagle.com, lemetropolecafe.org, and kitco.com.

Furthermore, Mr. Robins writes editorials and commentaries for one of the most globally respected and popular ethical investing sites, Investing for the Soul, which he founded in 2003, as well as for his insightful Enlightened Economics blog that he began in 2007.

His inspiring "Enlightened Economics" brings to economics a new opportunity for greater success by integrating the roles of consciousness, natural law, and free-market theory.

Additionally, since March 2019, he has been publishing a podcast titled, Ethical & Sustainable Investing News to Profit By! It is now one of the world's leading ethical investing podcasts and available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcats, Spotify, and many other platforms.

The ideas, expertise, and vision displayed in his writings on economics and ethical investing are unique and valuable to all those who follow and hire him.